Market Rules

Balanced market rules are a basic element in Texas competition. Clear, predictable and well-designed rules help foster a stable electricity market. Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) market rules are developed by participants from all aspects of the electricity industry. The rules and amendments are reviewed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to ensure that they satisfy the public interest.

In this section, you will find the ERCOT protocols, guides, policies and procedures that help steer the Texas market participants.

Pending Revision Requests and Issues

Issue Title
VCMRR031 Clarification Related to Variable Costs in Fuel Adders
VCMRR033 Excluding Exceptional Fuel Costs from Fuel Adders
VCMRR034 Excluding RUC Approved Fuel Costs from Fuel Adders
VCMRR035 Allow Verified Contractual Costs in Fuel Adder Calculation
PGRR073 Related to NPRR956, Designation of Providers of Transmission Additions
PGRR102 Dynamic Operation Model Improvement
PGRR103 Establish Time Limit for Generator Commissioning Following Approval to Synchronize
RMGRR171 Changes to Transition Process that Require Opt-in MOU and EC that are Designating POLR to provide Mass Transition Methodology to ERCOT
NOGRR215 Limit Use of Remedial Action Schemes
NOGRR230 WAN Participant Security
NOGRR245 Inverter-Based Resource (IBR) Ride-Through Requirements
NPRR956 Designation of Providers of Transmission Additions
NPRR1067 Market Entry Qualifications, Continued Participation Requirements, and Credit Risk Assessment
NPRR1070 Planning Criteria for GTC Exit Solutions
NPRR1143 Provide ERCOT Flexibility to Determine When ESRs May Charge During an EEA Level 3
NPRR1144 Station Service Backup Power Metering
NPRR1145 Use of State Estimator-Calculated ERCOT-Wide TLFs in Lieu of Seasonal Base Case ERCOT-Wide TLFs for Settlement
NPRR1146 Credit Changes to Appropriately Reflect TAO Exposure
NPRR1147 Update and Improve Notification and Evaluation Processes Associated with Reliability Must-Run (RMR)
NPRR1149 Implementation of Systematic Ancillary Service Failed Quantity Charges
NPRR1150 Related to NOGRR230, WAN Participant Security
NPRR1151 Protocol Revision Subcommittee Meeting Requirement
NPRR1153 ERCOT Fee Schedule Changes
NPRR1155 Attestation Regarding Market Participant Citizenship, Ownership, or Headquarters
NPRR1156 Priority Revision Request Process
NPRR1157 Incorporation of PUCT Approval into Revision Request Process
NPRR1158 Remove Sunset Date for Weatherization Inspection Fees
NPRR1159 Related to RMGRR171, Changes to Transition Process that Require Opt-in MOU or EC that are Designating POLR to provide Mass Transition Methodology to ERCOT
NPRR1160 Administrative Change for March 1, 2023 Nodal Protocols – Align Section 22 Attachment D: Standard Form Black Start Agreement