Market Rules

Balanced market rules are a basic element in Texas competition. Clear, predictable and well-designed rules help foster a stable electricity market. Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) market rules are developed by participants from all aspects of the electricity industry. The rules and amendments are reviewed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to ensure that they satisfy the public interest.

In this section, you will find the ERCOT protocols, guides, policies and procedures that help steer the Texas market participants.

Pending Revision Requests and Issues

Issue Title
VCMRR031 Clarification Related to Variable Costs in Fuel Adders
RRGRR032 Related to NPRR1132, Communicate Operating Limitations during Cold and Hot Weather Conditions
OBDRR040 ORDC Changes Related to NPRR1131, Controllable Load Participation in Non-Spin
OBDRR041 Updates to Requirements for Aggregate Load Participation in the ERCOT Markets
PGRR073 Related to NPRR956, Designation of Providers of Transmission Additions
PGRR100 Steady-State Case Building Timeline Update
PGRR101 Related to NPRR1133, Clarify Responsibilities for Submission of Planning Model Data for DC Ties
RMGRR168 Modify ERCOT's Mass Transition Responsibilities
NOGRR215 Limit Use of Remedial Action Schemes
NOGRR226 Revision to 5% Transmission Operator (TO) Load Shedding Relay Set Point
NOGRR230 WAN Participant Security
NOGRR240 Direct Current Tie (DC Tie) Ride-Through Requirements
NOGRR241 Related to NPRR1127, Clarification of ERCOT Hotline Uses
SCR820 Operator Real-Time Messaging During Emergency
SCR821 Voltage Set Point Target Information for Distribution Generation Resource (DGR) or Distribution Energy Storage Resource (DESR)
SCR822 Create Daily Energy Storage Integration Report and Dashboard
NPRR956 Designation of Providers of Transmission Additions
NPRR981 Day-Ahead Market Price Correction Process
NPRR1058 Resource Offer Modernization for Real-Time Co-Optimization
NPRR1067 Market Entry Qualifications, Continued Participation Requirements, and Credit Risk Assessment
NPRR1070 Planning Criteria for GTC Exit Solutions
NPRR1084 Improvements to Reporting of Resource Outages and Derates
NPRR1085 Ensuring Continuous Validity of Physical Responsive Capability (PRC) and Dispatch through Timely Changes to Resource Telemetry and Current Operating Plans (COPs)
NPRR1088 Applying Forward Adjustment Factors to Forward Market Positions and Un-applying Forward Adjustment Factors to Prior Market Positions
NPRR1089 Requiring Highest-Ranking Representative, Official, or Officer of a Resource Entity to Execute Weatherization and Natural Gas Declarations
NPRR1100 Allow Generation Resources and Energy Storage Resources to Serve Customer Load When the Customer and the Resource are Disconnected from the ERCOT System
NPRR1110 Black Start Requirements Update
NPRR1112 Reduction of Unsecured Credit Limits
NPRR1118 Clarifications to the OSA Process
NPRR1119 Removal of Extraneous Language Pertaining to the Calculation of Weekly Generation and Load Resource Capacity Forecasts
NPRR1121 Add a Posting Requirement to the Exceptional Fuel Cost Submission Process
NPRR1126 Default Uplift Allocation Enhancement
NPRR1127 Clarification of ERCOT Hotline Uses
NPRR1128 Allow FFR Procurement up to FFR Limit Without Proration
NPRR1129 Posting ESI IDs of Transmission-Voltage Customer Opt-Outs
NPRR1130 Weatherization Inspection Fees Sunset Date Extension
NPRR1131 Controllable Load Resource Participation in Non-Spin
NPRR1132 Communicate Operating Limitations during Cold and Hot Weather Conditions
NPRR1133 Clarify Responsibilities for Submission of Planning Model Data for DC Ties
NPRR1134 Related to RMGRR168, Modify ERCOT’s Mass Transition Responsibilities
NPRR1135 Add On-Line Status Check for Resources Telemetering OFFNS for Ancillary Service Imbalance Settlements
NPRR1136 Updates to Language Regarding a QSE Moving Ancillary Service Responsibility Between Resources