PUCT Directives

ERCOT may identify a need to post documents for directives it receives from the PUCT. Comments on the posted documents may be sent to revisionrequest@ercot.com.

In This Section

Emergency Operations Plans
PUC Rule 25.53 requires submissions of Emergency Operations Plans to the PUC and to ERCOT
Phase 2 Bridging Options
PUC Docket No. 53298 directing ERCOT “to evaluate bridging options to retain existing assets and build new dispatchable generation until the [Performance Credit Mechanism (PCM)] can be fully implemented”.
Real-Time Co-Optimization
PUC Project No. 48540 addresses implementation of Real-Time Co-Optimization in the ERCOT Market. This section contains work products from the Real-Time Co-Optimization Task Force which is responsible for market design details.
Southern Cross Transmission
PUC Docket No. 46304 addresses directives to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) arising out of the final order on Docket No. 45624