ERCOT's mission is to maintain the reliability of the electric grid of Texas and help Market Participants fulfill customers' electric service needs by maintaining a balance between load and generation. ERCOT administers various programs to assist Market Participants meet balanced-schedule requirements and Texas legislative goals for developing alternative energy sources.

The following programs are designed to support the ERCOT market in meeting its current and future electricity needs:

  • Market Participants and end-use customers may participate in opportunities to provide Demand Response in the ERCOT market.
  • Competitive Retailers may participate in and gain information from the Load Research Sampling (LRS) program, which develops statistically reliable load profiles for the ERCOT market. 
  • QSEs may register with ERCOT's program to provide referrals for QSE Services Available on Short Notice. QSEs specify whether they are qualified to represent load, generation resources and/or Load Resources, and what ancillary services they are qualified to provide.
  • The Renewable Energy Credit (REC) trading program administered by ERCOT, helps promote new renewable energy capacity to be built in Texas. Facilities powered by solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, wave/tidal, biomass and biomass-based waste products may be eligible to earn RECs.
  • Firm Fuel Supply Service is provided to maintain system reliability in the event of a natural gas curtailment or other fuel supply disruption.  

In This Section

Demand Response
Information on Load Resource participation in the Ancillary Services markets, Emergency Interruptible Load Service, and Voluntary Load Response.
Firm Fuel Supply Service
Help maintain system reliability in the event of a natural gas curtailment or other fuel supply disruption. Registration forms and other key documents are available here.
QSE Services Available on Short Notice
Learn which QSEs are available on short notice, and find out how to register for this program.
Renewable Energy Credit
The REC trading program promotes new renewable energy capacity. Registration forms are available here.
Texas Cybersecurity Monitor Program
Learn more about the Texas Cybersecurity Monitor Program and how to register.