Other Binding Documents

This section contains Other Binding Documents which are polices, guidelines, procedures, forms, and applications as defined in Nodal Protocol Section 1.1, Summary of the ERCOT Protocols Document. Any revisions of an Other Binding Document must follow the revision process set forth in that Other Binding Document. If an Other Binding Document does not specify a revision process, the Other Binding Document shall be subject to the procedures in Section 21, Process for Nodal Protocol Revision.

Other Binding Document Revision Request Process

Templates for Other Binding Document Revision Requests (OBDRRs) and other related forms are listed below. For guidelines on submitting revision requests or comments, please refer to the Revision Request and Comment Submission Guidelines. Completed forms should be submitted to RevisionRequest@ercot.com.

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OBDRR Submission Form
Form to submit an OBDRR to ERCOT
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