Protocols - Nodal

The Protocols outline the procedures and processes used by ERCOT and Market Participants for the orderly functioning of the ERCOT system and nodal market. The current set of Protocols as well as requests for changes and clarification may be found in this section.


Current Protocols - Nodal
The Nodal Protocols become effective upon Texas Nodal market implementation; the current set of Nodal Protocols are in this section.
Protocol Library - Nodal
Find the monthly versions of the complete Nodal Protocol set, including summaries of revisions.
Nodal Protocol Revision Requests
Locate current and past Nodal Protocol revision requests, including those pending, approved, rejected or withdrawn.
NPRR Submission Process
Find the directions and forms to submit a Nodal Protocol revision request.
Protocol Interpretation Request Submission Process
Read about the process for submitting a PIR, and find the form.