This page provides current information on transmission network and related reports.  Key Documents provide links to supporting documents related to operation of transmission network.

Current Information

Electrical Bus to Hub List
View Electrical Bus list and Electrical Bus to Hub Mapping list.
ERCOT System Operating Limit (SOL) Methodology
This document describes the methodology for establishing System Operating Limits (SOLs), and the subset of SOLs classified as Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits (IROLs), for the operations time horizon within the ERCOT Interconnection. This methodology contains all content required by FAC-011-4. It also addresses necessary communications of the SOL Methodology, the methods of communication of the SOLs themselves (including the subset of SOLs that qualify as IROLs), and required communications between ERCOT ISO, Transmission Planners, Transmission Operators, and other affected entities.
Network Operations Model Change Schedule
View planned updates to the ERCOT Network Operations Model (NOM) through the Network Model Management System.
SCED Shadow Prices and Binding Transmission Constraints
The report for Shadow Prices of binding/violated constraints in SCED. The report shows the contingency name, overloaded element details (element name, from/to station name and kV level), Shadow Price ( price for resolving one MW of the constraint), Penalty for violating the constraint (MaxShadow Price), overloaded element limit and flow (value)pairs that caused such constraint.
State Estimator Load Report - DC Ties Flows
View the export or import of real power for each of the DC Ties.
State Estimator Load Report - Total ERCOT Generation
View the aggregate generation of real and reactive power (MW and MVAR) for the entire ERCOT system.

Key Documents

ERCOT Nodal ICCP Communications Handbook v3.22
This handbook sets practices, conventions, and fundamental parameters required for Market Participants to exchange data with ERCOT using ICCP protocol in the TX Nodal Market.
Mar 27, 2024 - docx - 1.4 MB
Network Operations Modeling Expectations for TSPs, REs, and QSEs
Describes data submission guidelines for Network Model changes that are submitted by TSPs, REs and QSEs to maintain the accuracy of the ERCOT Network Operations Model.
May 19, 2020 - doc - 2.7 MB