ERCOT's Supply Chain Management Department is responsible for administering procurement and contracting processes, as well as monitoring vendor performance to achieve maximum benefit from contracts and suppliers. We are committed to supporting ERCOT business objectives through the timely purchase of quality goods and services, effective relationship management and addition of value, while maintaining compliance with operating procedures and corporate standards.

What Does ERCOT Buy?

Items and services that ERCOT typically purchases include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Office supplies and equipment
  • IT Hardware and Software
  • Hardware maintenance contracts
  • Software maintenance and support 
  • Corporate and departmental training
  • Contingent Workers
  • Consulting and Professional Services
  • Leases or rentals of any kind
Current Opportunities: Requests for Proposals and Quotes.

Vendor Management Office

The Supply Chain Management Procurement Department administers Vendor Management Office (VMO) collaboration. The Purpose of the VMO is to increase oversight and focus on our most strategic suppliers and contracts by monitoring supplier performance and compliance.

  • Collect scorecards and performance information from ERCOT team and report results to suppliers via Performance Reviews
  • Provide Contract Administration and Procurement support
  • Lead negotiations and manage contracts to minimize ERCOT’s costs and risks while also maximizing value

How to do Business with ERCOT

If you are not a current vendor and are interested in becoming one, please complete and return the following forms to NewVendorInfoForms@ercot.com.

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