Black Start Working Group

The BSWG reports to the Reliability and Operations Subcommittee (ROS) and is responsible for planning black start services (rapidly starting up Off-Line generation sources after a Blackout on the ERCOT power grid) and suggest improvements in black start processes. The BSWG discusses topics such as back-up communication, sync scope installation, black-start-related Protocol and Operating Guide reviews, compliance issues, Black Start Service (BSS) test results. The BSWG also reviews ERCOT’s Black Start Plan (including individual Black Start Resource start-up procedures, cranking paths, and individual Transmission Service Provider (TSP) Black Start Plans), preliminary awarded Resources, and the final awarded Black Start Resources bid prices.  The BSWG will report its activities to ROS on a regular basis or as otherwise directed by ROS.

Any prospective member must sign the appropriate ERCOT Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and receive approval from ERCOT. Contact ERCOT Legal at nda@ercot.com to ask questions or obtain a copy of the ERCOT NDA.

Contact Information

Chair: Tony Kroskey
Vice Chair: Freddy Garcia
Send an email to this group: BSWG@lists.ercot.com
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Key Documents

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