Market Participants

ERCOT works with the electric industry organizations in the ERCOT control area to ensure reliable power operations for the wholesale and retail competitive markets. Below are the lists of market participants registered with ERCOT, including a general listing of entities performing the functions of qualified scheduling entity (QSE), load serving entity (LSE), resource entity (RE) or transmission/distribution service provider (TDSP).

The participants in the general listing make up the market with which ERCOT shares its responsibilities. Other lists provide additional information about QSEs, which schedule market participants' energy or bidding for ancillary services; competitive retailers (CRs), the LSEs authorized to sell electricity to retail customers who have customer choice; and TDSPs, which provide the transmission infrastructure and help ERCOT to manage system reliability.

A list is also provided of the providers of last resort (POLRs), which are local distributing companies that serve customers who do not have a retail electric provider. Further details are available on the POLR page of the PUCT website.