News Releases

Date Title
09/13/2021 ERCOT preparing for Tropical Storm Nicholas
07/13/2021 ERCOT unveils Roadmap to Improving Grid Reliability
06/15/2021 Reliability of grid remains strong during record demand
06/14/2021 Tight grid conditions expected due to high number of forced generation outages
05/28/2021 Lubbock Power & Light customers joining ERCOT system over Memorial Day weekend
05/26/2021 ERCOT to test emergency notification system
05/06/2021 Record electric demand expected this summer
04/27/2021 ERCOT Board announces interim CEO for grid operator
04/14/2021 Tight grid conditions today, no conservation appeal
03/25/2021 ERCOT studies range of scenarios prior to summer, identifies low risk for outages
02/19/2021 Power restoration continues into the evening, generation holding steady
02/19/2021 ERCOT will end emergency conditions today
02/18/2021 Grid operator continues to restore power
02/18/2021 Majority of customers are able to be restored, but electric companies still restoring outages in the field
02/17/2021 Grid operator restores more power overnight
02/15/2021 Grid operator has restored power to 500,000 households
02/15/2021 ERCOT calls for rotating outages as extreme winter weather forces generating units offline
02/14/2021 Grid operator requests energy conservation for system reliability
02/11/2021 Extreme cold weather expected to result in record electric use in ERCOT region
02/09/2021 ERCOT Board of Directors elects new Chair and Vice-Chair