Key Priorities

ERCOT engages in various projects, studies, and directives. This section details current initiatives.


PUCT Directives
ERCOT is regulated by the PUC and must follow the Commission’s directives in accordance with the Electric Substantive Rules, Chapter 25. Ongoing directives include the implementation of Real-Time Co-optimization (RTC) and tasks related to the Southern Cross Transmission DC-Tie. Additional information can be found in this section.
Battery Energy Storage
A Battery Energy Storage Task Force was established in 2019 to identify key topics and concepts for the integration of Energy Storage Resources in ERCOT. The task force is developing Nodal Protocol Revision Requests (NPRRs) that will address technical requirements, modeling needs and market rules for these resources. The policy recommendations can be found in this section.
Pilot Projects
Pilot projects allow ERCOT to study the costs and benefits of proposals without fully implementing them through the ERCOT Protocols. These projects aide in the efficiency and planning of new resources, technologies, services, and processes. This section contains the governing documents for each pilot project. For more information, see P.U.C. Substantive Rule 25.361(k).