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Grid Information

Feature 1
Grid and Market Conditions
A compilation of dashboards that display current ERCOT grid and market conditions.
Feature 1
ERCOT Market Information List (EMIL)
A searchable listing of all ERCOT market products required to be supplied by Protocols or other binding documents (OBDs).
Feature 1
Data Access Portal
Search ERCOT public data.

In This Section

Current System Conditions
View dashboards for current system conditions in the ERCOT control area.
View data on DC ties, generation outages, resource plan details and scheduled generation, and find forms to submit generation and outage data/requests.
View system demand and CSC flows; ERCOT control area load forecasts and historical data; short-, mid- and long-term forecasts; and day-ahead weather assumptions.
Market Reports
View data intended to assist market participants in their resource planning and projected assessment of system adequacy (PASA).
This page provides current information on long-term planning in the ERCOT region.
Resource Adequacy
View information on market studies and analysis materials related to Resource Adequacy in the ERCOT region.
View proposed and approved transmission outages; the outage contingency list and information sheets; and the dynamic schedule application, dynamic ratings form and re-route 'in-service' notification.