ERCOT Reliability Monitor Program

On November 3, 2022, the Public Utility Commission (PUC) issued an order directing ERCOT to assume the duties and responsibilities of the Reliability Monitor for the Texas power grid. ERCOT, acting as the Reliability Monitor, gathers and analyzes information and data to meet its monitoring obligations as required by 16 TAC § 25.503(k), under the direction of the PUC.

! Report Violation: To report occurrences of potential non-compliance with any part of the Public Utility Regulatory Act (PURA), PUC Substantive Rules, ERCOT Protocols, ERCOT Operating Guides, or ERCOT Other Binding Documents in the ERCOT region, email ERM@ercot.com.


ERCOT’s Role as the ERCOT Reliability Monitor (ERM):

  1. Assess the compliance of both ERCOT and ERCOT Market Participants with Texas electric reliability laws (including, PURA, PUC Substantive Rules, ERCOT Protocols and Other Binding Documents)
  2. Assist PUC Staff in reliability-related compliance and enforcement activities
  3. Support PUC Staff in enforcement proceedings (e.g., providing expert advice, analysis, reporting, and testimony)
  4. Maintain a communications plan with PUC Staff to ensure effective coordination and communication on ERM activities

ERM Responsibilities

Monitoring and Investigative Activities
  • Monitor performance of Market Participants according to measures in ERCOT Protocols Section 8
  • Evaluate ERCOT and Market Participant performance during system events
  • Conduct incident reviews in response to reports of potential non-compliance (including requests for information, etc.)
  • Periodically audit ERCOT and Market Participant compliance with reliability requirements
  • Report to the PUC quarterly with, among other things, qualified scheduling entity (QSE) performance measures from ERCOT Protocols Section 8 and a summary of ERM activities
Support for PUC’s Enforcement Division
  • Provide information, analysis, and advice to the PUC in reliability compliance matters
  • Support enforcement proceedings, including providing written and live testimony
  • Adhere to ERM Code of Conduct
  • ERM employees report to the PUC and ERCOT Executive Team through the Office of General Counsel
  • All content from ERM functions is kept confidential pursuant to Section 1.3 of the ERCOT Protocols unless disclosure is expressly directed by PUC Staff or required by law

For general questions, please write to ERM@ercot.com