Other Groups

Several ERCOT groups are responsible for conducting research, administering projects and participating in industry activities. Meetings for these groups may be found below. 

Critical Infrastructure Protection Working Group
The ERCOT Critical Infrastructure Working Group (CIPWG) serves as a vehicle to facilitate and enable ERCOT entities to secure their critical assets, achieve compliance with relevant security standards, and maintain their compliance.
Energy Management Systems Working Group
The Energy Management Systems Working Group (EMSWG) is responsible for information sharing; reviewing, analyzing, developing best practices; and enhancing Situational Awareness for Energy Management Systems (EMS) in the ERCOT Region.
Gas Electric Working Group
The Gas Electric Working Group (GEWG) serves as a forum for ERCOT, its stakeholders, and natural gas pipelines who serve natural gas-fired generation in the ERCOT region to engage in open dialog on issues pertaining to both electric generation and natural gas pipeline operations.
Grid Resilience Working Group
The Grid Resilience Working Group (GRWG) is responsible for assessing risks that have a low probability of occurrence but potential high consequence of impact to the ERCOT System if they were to occur. GRWG is further responsible for considering and evaluating practices that may address these risks.
Regional Planning Group
The Regional Planning Group (RPG) provides a forum for discussion, input and comment on issues related to planning the ERCOT system for reliable and efficient operation.
Resource Integration Working Group
The Resource Integration Working Group (RIWG) discusses the ERCOT interconnection process for generation to the ERCOT transmission system.