Firm Fuel Supply Service

This service is developed consistent with directives from the Legislature requiring ancillary or reliability services to address reliability during extreme cold weather conditions and the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) order for ERCOT to develop a firm-fuel product that provides additional grid reliability and resiliency during extreme cold weather and compensates generation resources that meet a higher resiliency standard.

ERCOT will procure Firm Fuel Supply Service Resources (FFSSRs) to provide Firm Fuel Supply Service (FFSS) for the purpose of maintaining Resource availability in the event of a natural gas curtailment or other fuel supply disruption. This service will be procured using an RFP process with the RFP for each procurement being issued on or before August 1 of the year the FFSS obligation period is to begin.

November 15, 2022, through March 15, 2023

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FFSS Procurement Summary
November 15, 2022, through March 15, 2023
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Request for Proposal
Contract Term of November 15, 2022, through March 15, 2023
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Key Documents

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