Profiling Working Group

The Profiling Working Group (PWG), reporting to the Retail Market Subcommittee (RMS), acts as a forum in which market participants may help facilitate changes to the market rules pertaining to load profiling issues as reflected in the ERCOT protocols and the Load Profiling Guide (LPG).

PWG is involved in all policy issues and some operational aspects of load profiling. Among its responsibilities, PWG develops and maintains the LPG; reviews requested changes to load profiles, load profiling methodologies, and the implementation of the load profiling process; reviews and makes recommendations for changes to the Profile Decision Tree; helps define weather zones and load profile types; and coordinates with ERCOT in developing load profiles for particular customer segments.

Contact Information

Chair: Sam Pak

Co-Vice Chair: Steve Pliler

Co-Vice Chair: Bill Snyder

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Key Documents

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