Account Management

ERCOT’s Client Services professionals can provide each Market Participant with personalized help and a single point of contact for managing business transactions and relationships.

Each Market Participant is allocated a dedicated ERCOT Account Manager to assist with Registration & Qualification, Market Rules, as well as Settlements. The Account Manager works with the Market Participant to develop the account, support daily business transactions and assist with future planning.

The Account Manager also makes sure that the Market Participant’s individual needs are met. Each Account Manager has broad knowledge of the electricity market and can draw on the specialized insight of ERCOT Subject Matter Experts to address specific questions and issues.

Potential Market Participants may reach out to Client Relations via the ERCOT Service Desk at ServiceDesk@ercot.com. Existing Market Participants attempting to locate their Account Manager's extension should email Client Services at ClientServices@ercot.com. 

Account Development

Account Managers offer a variety of services to ensure new Market Participants have a smooth transition into the ERCOT market, such as: 

Business Transaction Support

Account Managers respond promptly and effectively to Market Participant day-to-day needs, by:

  • Responding to ad hoc inquiries
  • Responding to and managing disputes
  • Evaluating issue patterns
  • Assisting with market communications needed for day-to-day operations
  • Proactively identifying new opportunities for business improvement through training or process changes
  • Recognizing potential needs and responding with solutions

Plan Management

Account Managers anticipate crucial changes as the Market Participant’s needs evolve and assists the Market Participant with planning new solutions:

  • Identifying issues that require a concerted and organized approach to resolve
  • Planning and scheduling actions to address specific business needs
  • Organizing meetings to address important topics and issues
  • Documenting any ERCOT performance feedback in reference to meeting the Market Participant’s needs
  • Targeting opportunities to improve service