Congestion Revenue Rights

A Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) is a financial instrument that results in a charge or a payment to the owner, when the ERCOT transmission grid is congested in the Day Ahead Market (DAM). CRRs may be used as either a financial hedge, or a financial investment. When used as a hedge, a CRR locks in the price of congestion at the purchase price of the CRR. When purchased as an investment, it may be used as a financial tool to speculate whether the congestion rent will be greater than the purchase price.

The main purposes of the ERCOT CRR market are to:

  • Support a liquid energy market by providing tradable financial instruments for the hedging of transmission congestion charges
  • Allow market participants to eliminate or greatly reduce the cost uncertainties resulting from transmission congestion charges
  • Encourage competitive energy trading, where the costs of congestion might otherwise be an impediment

CRR Information

CRR Activity Calendar
Find key dates/deadlines relevant to CRR Market activities, including: Auction Notice Dates, CRR Network Model Posting Dates, Auction Bid/Offer Submission Periods, PCRR Nomination Submission Periods, and other relevant information.
CRR Credit FAQ
Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding credit topics in CRR: the CRR Auction credit pre-screening process, pre-screening credit exposure calculations, and credit allocation.
CRR Ownership of Record
Existing CRRs include all CRRs allocated or awarded to date. Posted by the 5th business day of every month.
CRR Time of Use Hours
Report showing the CRR Time of Use hours for PeakWD, PeakWE, and Off-peak.
PCRR Eligibility List
List of NOIEs who are eligible for allocation of PCRRs, including each NOIE's ownership and/or contractual amount of capacity for a Generation Resource, and the eligible PCRR MW amounts.

CRR Auction

Annual Auction Notice
Informs the public on upcoming CRR annual market activity, including Auction Notices and baseloading CRRs.
Annual Auction Results
Displays the market results for bids and offers awarded in an annual auction.
Annual Path Specific Adders
Displays the path specific adders used in the calculation of the credit requirements for Obligation bids for a CRR Annual Auction.
Monthly Auction Notice
Provides information on upcoming CRR monthly market activity, including key dates and baseloading CRRs.
Monthly Auction Results
Provides market results of bids and offers awarded in a monthly auction. Results are posted monthly.
Monthly Path Specific Adders
Displays the path specific adders used in the calculation of the credit requirements for Obligation bids for a CRR Monthly Auction.

CRR Market User Interface (MUI)

CRR MUI Market-Facing Defects
Lists known defects in the Market User Interface (MUI) that may impact CRR Account Holders and Counter-Parties.
Provides answers to questions about the Market User Interface upgrade.
CRR Market User Interface Handbook
Provides ERCOT CRR Market Participants, specifically CRR Account Holders and Counter-Parties, with an introduction to the ERCOT CRR System and the Market User Interface (MUI).
CRR Market User Interface Specifications
Describes data items relevant to the CRR Market that are submitted or retrieved by CRR Account Holders and other Market Participants.
CRR MUI Qualification Process and Scorecard
Details the steps to be completed by a CRR Account Holder, and its Counter-Party, in order to qualify using the MUI.
CRR MUI Sample Upload Files
Samples of csv upload files that CRR Account Holders might use in the MUI.