This page provides current information on long-term planning in the ERCOT region. 

Current Information

Generation Resources Unavailable in Planning Studies Prior to NSO
A list of Generation Resources that will be set out of service in Regional Transmission Plan (RTP) and Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) Vulnerability Assessments prior to filing a Notification of Suspension of Operations (NSO).
ERCOT System Operating Limit (SOL) Methodology
This document identifies the methodology for determining System Operating Limits (SOLs) and Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits (IROLs), in the planning and operations time horizons, as required by NERC FAC-010 and FAC-011 to be used by the ERCOT Planning Authority/Reliability Coordinator as well as all applicable NERC Registered Transmission Operators and Transmission Planners in the ERCOT Region.
Planning Horizon Transmission Capability Methodology
This document identifies the planning processes and procedures for calculating Transmission Capacities to satisfy NERC FAC-012 and FAC-013.

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