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Data Access Portal
Search ERCOT public data.
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API Explorer
Explore the ERCOT API endpoints.
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Developer Portal
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About the ERCOT API Explorer

ERCOT Public API applications can be accessed via our API Explorer. The API Explorer provides developers with a RESTful framework based on OpenAPI standards, allowing developers to build their own applications using ERCOT reports.

User Guide User Guide

*If you have questions regarding registration or authentication, please consult our ERCOT Public API Registration and Authentication User Guide

About the ERCOT Data Access Portal

The Data Access Portal provides public users and Market Participants access to expired ERCOT public data though a web portal and directly, through the use of APIs. Users can browse recent data, as well as expired data, from certain public ERCOT reports. Initially, 35 reports are available in the Data Access Portal, with the number of reports scheduled to increase with time. 

To locate public data that is not included in the Data Access Portal, please continue to search the ERCOT Market Information List (EMIL).

Users may submit a data request via the Public Portal to request public historic reports no longer available on the website.

Release Notes

    • The beta vision of the Data Access Portal included only 35 public reports. 
    • All data from the 35 reports is available via API. 
    • Users must read and accept the Terms of Use  for the site. Once the terms are accepted, users must register to use the API Explorer by providing their name and email address.


Please send feedback via the ERCOT Public Portal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Data Access Portal provides browser-level access to ERCOT Public data. Users can search and find data without the need to download the data to their own computing devices.


  • Quick access to ERCOT Public data 
  • Simple, easy-to-navigate portal
  • Access to data created within the past 24 hours

Yes, there is a delay. Archived reports and data posted to the Data Access Portal will be available approximately one hour after the time the information is posted to ERCOT.com.

To obtain Public data that is not on the website use the ERCOT Market Information List (EMIL). It provides a searchable list of the data products, the latest reports, and report locations. You can then submit a data request for the desired data products via the Public Portal

You can submit a question related to the latest updates via the ERCOT Public Portal.

ERCOT continues to enhance the Data Access Portal by adding new data and migrating data from other sources. This timeline will be refined as additional information becomes available.

Data updating frequency will vary. Information can be found within the product details of each item in the ERCOT Market Information List (EMIL). Search for the desired data product, click the link to open it, then click the Show EMIL Information link.