Operations Training Working Group

The OTWG reports to the Reliability and Operations Subcommittee (ROS) and is responsible for developing training topics and securing presenters for the Annual ERCOT Operators Training Seminar, discussing changes to the Annual ERCOT Black Start training, developing annual Severe Weather Drills, and updating the ERCOT Fundamentals Manual as necessary.

Meetings of OTWG sub-groups (EOCTF, BSTTF, OTSTF, and SWDTF) will be in closed session. Members who wish to participate in closed sessions of OTWG or the OTWG sub-groups must sign the appropriate ERCOT Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") and receive approval from ERCOT.

Contact ERCOT Legal at nda@ercot.com to ask questions or obtain a copy of the ERCOT NDA.

Contact Information

Chair: Manuel Sanchez

Vice Chair:  Benny Ray

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Key Documents

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