ERCOT-Polled Settlement Metering

Find processes, forms and additional information related to ERCOT Polled Settlement metering.

EPS Meter Point Postings

Currently Active Exemptions
This is a list of the currently active Exemptions as of the posting date.
Apr 1, 2024 - pdf - 60.9 KB
Guidelines for Considering EPS Metering Facility Exemptions
General ERCOT guidelines for considering EPS metering facility exemptions
Dec 12, 2023 - pdf - 92 KB
Historical Temporary Exemptions Post 12/3/14
This is a historical list of Temporary Exemptions that were closed after 12/3/14.
Apr 1, 2024 - pdf - 738.6 KB
Provisional Approval Posting for EPS Metering Facilities
EPS Metering Facilities that are currently under a Provisional Approval.
Apr 1, 2024 - pdf - 36.9 KB


These processes are now located in the Settlement Metering Operating Guide Appendix.

Settlement Metering Process 030 (version 3.0) - Details information submittals required by the TDSP after site access to EPS Metering Facilities to ensure accurate data for initial settlements and maintain approval of the EPS Metering Facility.

Settlement Metering Process 020 (version 2.0) - Established process to meet advance notification requirements for accessing EPS Metering Facilities. Includes requirements for removing EPS Meters from service and ensuring data quality is maintained for

Settlement Metering Process 000 (version 2.0) - Established process for communication needs between ERCOT and the TDSP in regards to EPS meter communication failures. Includes requirements for TDSP confirmation of repairs and changes to the TDSP repair.



EPS Meter Test Report
This is the form that the TDSP submits to ERCOT to document that the TDSP has tested an EPS Meter (Current version 5.0).
Mar 14, 2019 - xlsx - 39.9 KB
EPS Metering Design Proposal
The EPS Metering Design Proposal is the initial document required from a Transmission and/or Distribution Provider (TDSP), to obtain ERCOT approval of a proposed EPS Metering Facility design (Current version 3.1).
Jun 1, 2022 - docx - 61.9 KB
EPS Site Certification Form
This is the form that the TDSP submits to ERCOT to document that the TDSP has certified an EPS Metering Facility in compliance with Protocols (Current version 5.0).
May 18, 2021 - xlsx - 38.4 KB
ERCOT Polled Settlement MDAS Configuration Form
This is the form that the TDSP submits to ERCOT to document the information ERCOT needs to set the meter up in the ERCOT Data Acquisition System so that the EPS meter data can be retrieved and processed for the metering point (Current version 6.1).
Mar 31, 2021 - xlsx - 29.3 KB
RE Access to Auxiliary Load Telemetry System 1.0
Form submitted by the Resource Entity to provide notification to ERCOT of access to EPS Auxiliary Load Telemetry Facilities (Current version 1.0).
Mar 3, 2021 - docx - 42.2 KB
Site Audit Checklist
Current version 6.1
Jan 2, 2020 - xlsx - 41.9 KB
TDSP Access to EPS Metering Facilities Notification Form
Form submitted by the TDSP to provide notification to ERCOT of access to EPS Metering Facilities (Current version 4.0).
May 23, 2018 - docx - 41.9 KB
TDSP Cutover Form for EPS Metering Points
This form shall be submitted by the TDSP to facilitate the transfer of information required to add or remove an EPS meter point in ERCOT Settlement systems (Current version 3.0).
Apr 28, 2017 - doc - 78.5 KB
TDSP Meter Inspector Training Presentation
This is the presentation used for the April 12th 2023 EPS Meter Inspector Training
Apr 13, 2023 - pptx - 967.7 KB
Temporary Exemption Request Application Form
Form that is submitted to ERCOT to request a temporary exemption from Protocols for in service EPS Metering Facilities (Current version 3_23_16).
Mar 23, 2016 - doc - 65.5 KB
May 1, 2017 - xls - 43.5 KB