Texas Data Transport and MarkeTrak Systems Working Group

The Texas Data Transport and MarkeTrak Systems (TDTMS) Working Group, reporting to the Retail Market Subcommittee (RMS), maintains the data transport implementation and MarkeTrak user guides, evaluates the need for MarkeTrak system upgrades, monitors the ERCOT Retail Market Performance Measure reporting under PUCT Subst. R. §25.88, and evaluates the Retail Market IT Services Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The TDTMS Working Group assists in the testing and implementation of new data transport software, new MarkeTrak tools or upgraded versions of the existing software and/or tools. The TDTMS Working Group may analyze a data transport mechanism to ensure security and reliability for the ERCOT Retail Market, and works with the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) to ensure that Texas Electronic Delivery Mechanisms (EDM) specifications are included in the latest version of the NAESB standards.

Contact Information

Chair: Sheri Wiegand

Co-Vice Chair: Monica Jones

Co-Vice Chair:  Dee Lowerre

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Key Documents

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