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Secure data transport is enabled by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) Electronic Delivery Mechanism (EDM), ebXML and digital certificates.

North American Energy Standards Board Electronic Delivery Mechanism, Version 1.6

The NAESB EDM 1.6 is the current data transport mechanism for the retail market, as of April 2004.  The Texas Data Transport & MarkeTrak Systems Working Group Implementation Guide is used as a supplement to the NAESB EDM Standards v1.6 and also defines the Internet Data Transport protocol and rules as defined by the Texas Data Transport Working Group (TDTWG) for the Texas retail market

Security for Digital Certificates

ERCOT offers market participants secured access to restricted ERCOT websites through digital certificate technology and software. Market participants must confirm that the security process for digital certificates has been followed.


NAESB EDM - Version 1.6


Security for Digital Certificates
Read about ERCOT's security guidelines for holders of digital certificates.

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