Current System Conditions

View dashboards for current system conditions such as frequency, load, and system capacity in the ERCOT control area.

Current Information

Capacity Available to SCED
Find the comparison of Aggregated High and Low Ancillary Service Limits to Net Generation for Resources Available to SCED.
Combined Wind and Solar
Combined Wind and Solar is a graphical representation of the most recent estimated wind and solar power production amounts for the Current Operating Day (COP).
Real-Time System Conditions
View displays of real-time system conditions including frequency, DC tie flows and wind output.
System Ancillary Service Capacity
View displays of responsive reserve, non-spin, and regulation up/down capacity as well as capacity to increase/decrease base points and physical responsive capacity.
System-Wide Demand
System-Wide Demand is a graphical representation of the ERCOT system’s current power supply and demand using Real-Time data, as well as projected power supply and demand from hourly forecasts.


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