System-Wide Demand

System-Wide Demand is a graphical representation of the ERCOT system’s current power supply and demand using real-time data, as well as projected power supply and demand from hourly forecasts.

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This dashboard provides system-wide demand forecast data as well as the actual load amount. Planned and actual on-line generation for the day ahead is also provided.

The Current Day view provides 24 hours of forecast information. The Current Forecast is represented as a solid purple line on the graph.

The Actual Hourly Average is represented as a solid turquoise line.

The Day-Ahead Forecast is shown as a dotted purple line. It represents the forecasted system load performed the previous day. This data posts once for the day ahead following the completion of the Day-Ahead Reliability Unit Commitment (DRUC). 

The following reports provide similar data points but may not provide a one-to-one match with the values currently displayed in the dashboard: