Market Support

ERCOT provides a portfolio of market-wide services, including business communications; training and education; support for stakeholder groups; and assistance with settlements.

The market support team collaborates with other ERCOT departments to monitor and report on the posting and/or delivery of market data and information as well as system and market rules changes. Market support staff also work closely with the ERCOT account managers in the development of tools, training materials, reports and related items, all of which are aimed at improving the quality of service that ERCOT provides to the market participants.

Business Communication and Training

To ensure that all market participants receive current and complete information, ERCOT provides:

Market support staff also communicate with new market participants to ensure prompt and accurate processing of their registration information. Any business relationship changes in the market are also communicated directly to the affected parties.

Finally, support staff help work with the market on the goals and results of beneficial ERCOT-managed projects.

Dispute Research and Resolution

Account managers can assist market participants with dispute resolution. In addition, market support staff researches the outcomes of disputes.  Data extracts and reports are made available to market participants and published in Settlements. Measurement of key performance indicators are also being put into place.