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Date   Subject  
09/27/2022 W-A092722-01 Update to the Generic Limits for the Nelson Sharpe - Rio Hondo, North Edinburg - Lobo and Valley Export Generic Transmission Constraints (GTCs)
09/26/2022 M-A092622-01 Exceptional Fuel Costs submitted for several Resources
09/22/2022 M-A092121-01 ERCOT MOTE will be open for DST testing
09/20/2022 M-A092022-01 Exceptional Fuel Costs submitted for several Resources
09/20/2022 M-D022522-03 Reminder: Invoicing of PURA Subchapter N Securitization Uplift Charge Reallocation Invoices
09/19/2022 M-A091922-01 Implementation details of NPRR1136
09/18/2022 R-A090222-04 Completion - Planned Maintenance Outage
09/16/2022 M-A091622-01 Exceptional Fuel Costs submitted for several Resources
09/16/2022 M-B090222-02 ERCOT/Brazos proposed settlement virtual presentations scheduled for September 20, 2022, and September 21, 2022
09/15/2022 W-A090722-02 Impact Analysis for Hardware Issue Resulting in a Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) Failure to Run
09/15/2022 M-A091522-01 2022 ERCOT Operator Training Seminar
09/15/2022 M-B090122-02 REMINDER: 2022 Digital Certificate Audit Attestation (DCAA) Due by October 1, 2022
09/14/2022 M-A091422-01 Implementation of Market-facing changes for October 2022
09/13/2022 :M-E091322-01 Notification of Change of Generation Resource Designation (NCGRD) for Gregory Power Partners LLC
09/13/2022 M-D091322-01 Implementation Details of NPRR1120
09/13/2022 M-B081222-02 System Implementation details for Firm Fuel Supply Service (NPRR1120 and OBDRR039)
09/13/2022 M-A081222-02 Implementation details for Fast-Frequency Response (FFR) Advancement project
09/12/2022 W-A091222-01 EROF Fourth Quarter 2022 Invoices
09/12/2022 M-C091222-01 Notification of Miscellaneous Invoices for Securitization PURA Subchapter M Default Charges
09/12/2022 M-B091222-01 Upcoming training courses
09/12/2022 M-A091222-01 Exceptional Fuel Costs submitted for several Resources
09/11/2022 M-B082422-03 Completion - Planned Maintenance Outage - Retail
09/09/2022 M-E090922-01 Request for comments on proposed amendment to ERCOT Bylaws
09/09/2022 M-D090922-01 Decommissioning Legacy URLs for Public Reports
09/09/2022 R-A090922-01 Planned Maintenance Outage - Retail