Combined Wind and Solar

Combined Wind and Solar is a graphical representation of the most recent estimated wind and solar power production amounts for the Current Operating Day.

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This dashboard provides the most recent and day-ahead forecasted wind and solar production amounts, both of which are derived using the High Sustained Limit (HSL) from Current Operating Plans (COP) of Wind Generation Resources (WGRs) and PhotoVoltaic Generation Resources (PVGRs), as well as the Actual Hourly Average Wind and PhotoVoltaic Generation up to the latest hour ending. 

The Wind Actual Hourly/Avg. is represented with the solid blue line. The Solar Actual Hourly/Avg. is represented with the solid orange line. The Wind COP HSL and Day-Ahead HSL are represented with dotted blue lines. The Solar COP HSL and Day-Ahead HSL are represented with dotted orange lines. 

Note that the most recent and Day-Ahead Wind and Solar COP HSLs are expected to be equal to or less than the Short Term Wind Power Forecast (STWPF) and/or the Short-Term PhotoVoltaic Power Forecast (STPPF) for the corresponding time horizon. Also note that the drop-down selector at the bottom of the screen allows for views of the High Sustained Limit, the Short Term Power Forecast, and the Resource Power Potential. 

Our forecasts attempt to predict HSL, which is uncurtailed power generation potential. This graph plots actual system-wide wind and solar generation, which is impacted by curtailment, shown as “Wind Actual Hourly/Avg” and “Solar Actual Hourly/Avg.” Because of this, the data in this graph should not be used to evaluate forecast performance. Steps will be taken to include Actual System-wide HSL in this graph in the future.

The data in this dashboard is available in report format as follows: