PRS Meeting

August 10, 2023
09:30 AM
ERCOT Austin
8000 Metropolis (Building E), Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744
Rooms A and B
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 2559 279 5347
Meeting password: GdK#7xm



Antitrust Admonition

Martha Henson


Approval of Minutes (Vote)

June 14, 2023

July 13, 2023

Martha Henson


TAC Update

Martha Henson


Project Update

Troy Anderson


Review PRS Reports, Impact Analyses, and Prioritization (Vote) (*) denotes no impact

NPRR1156, Priority Revision Request Process

NPRR1164, Black Start and Isochronous Control Capable Identification

NPRR1171, Requirements for DGRs and DESRs on Circuits Subject to Load Shedding

NPRR1174, Market Participant’s Return of Settlement Funds to ERCOT Following Receipt of Overpayment*

NPRR1175, Revisions to Market Entry Financial Qualifications and Continued Participation Requirements*

NPRR1184, Update to Procedures for Managing Interest on Cash Collateral

NPRR1185, HDL Override Payment Provisions for Verbal Dispatch Instructions*

NPRR1189, Updates to Language to Clarify the Allowable Regulation Ancillary Service Trades*

SCR824, Increase File Size and Quantity Limits for RIOO Attachments

NOGRR215, Limit Use of Remedial Action Schemes

Martha Henson


Revision Requests Tabled at PRS (Possible Vote)

NPRR956, Designation of Providers of Transmission Additions

NPRR1070, Planning Criteria for GTC Exit Solutions

NPRR1162, Single Agent Designation for a QSE and its Sub-QSEs for Voice Communications over the ERCOT WAN

NPRR1170, Capturing Natural Gas Delivery Information for Natural Gas Generation Resources

NPRR1172, Fuel Adder Definition, Mitigated Offer Caps, and RUC Clawback

NPRR1179, Fuel Purchase Requirements for Resources Submitting RUC Fuel Costs – URGENT

NPRR1180, Inclusion of Forecasted Load in Planning Analyses

NPRR1181, Submission of Seasonal Coal and Lignite Inventory Declaration

NPRR1186, Improvements Prior to the RTC+B Project for Better ESR State of Charge Awareness, Accounting, and Monitoring

NPRR1188, Implement Nodal Dispatch and Energy Settlement for Controllable Load Resources

Martha Henson


Review of Revision Request Language (Vote)

NPRR1190, High Dispatch Limit Override Provision for Increased NOIE Load Costs

Martha Henson


Other Business

Other Binding Documents

2024 Meeting Schedule

Martha Henson



Martha Henson

Scheduled PRS Meetings

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