Texas Retail Market Testing

The ERCOT Retail Testing Website (etod.ercot.com) has been decommissioned. Flight Testing is now conducted in the new FlighTrak application. See the FlighTrak User Guide below for more information.

Texas Retail Market Testing is an end-to-end test of the retail commercial processes that occur in the Texas market. Any Competitive Retailer (CR) or Transmission/Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) intending to participate in the Texas retail market must successfully certify its commercial applications through a market test flight.

Find current Retail Market Test Flight Information, including registration information on this website. There are currently three testing periods each year; a test flight is scheduled approximately every four months.

The Texas Standard Electronic Transaction Working Group (TX SET Working Group) develops the market test plan and schedules each testing flight. Testing is facilitated by the ERCOT flight administrator to ensure that it is conducted fairly and objectively for all participants. The flight administrator notifies ERCOT Retail Client Services of the Market Participants (MPs) that have successfully completed the testing process, their trading partner relationships, and the functionality tested.

See the registration information below for mandatory steps to be completed prior to the flight application deadline. All steps must be completed and successfully processed by ERCOT before the registration deadline.

Pre-Flight Activities

To enter a retail market test flight, an MP must accomplish the following:

The North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) Electronic Delivery Mechanism (EDM) 1.6 must be established before beginning a testing flight. The NAESB EDM connectivity testing schedule can be found below in the Approved Test Flight Schedule under Key Documents.

Recommended Training

Please visit the Course Recommendations page to locate the recommended training for LSEs.

Key Documents

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CON03 EFT Template
This template is for banking information exchanged between the CR and TDSP
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Retail Market Testing Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers for Market Participants entering the retail commercial market
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