Nodal Protocol Revision Requests

This section contains nodal protocol revision requests (NPRRs) now in the approval process or already approved.

See NPRR Submission Process for access to revision request and comment forms.


Issue Title Next Group
NPRR956 Designation of Providers of Transmission Additions PRS
NPRR1070 Planning Criteria for GTC Exit Solutions PRS
NPRR1150 Related to NOGRR230, WAN Participant Security PUCT
NPRR1162 Single Agent Designation for a QSE and its Sub-QSEs for Voice Communications over the ERCOT WAN PRS
NPRR1163 Related to LPGRR070, Discontinuation of Interval Data Recorder (IDR) Meter Weather Sensitivity Process PUCT
NPRR1164 Black Start and Isochronous Control Capable Identification PUCT
NPRR1165 Revisions to Requirements of Providing Audited Financial Statements and Providing Independent Amount PUCT
NPRR1170 Capturing Natural Gas Delivery Information for Natural Gas Generation Resources PRS
NPRR1171 Requirements for DGRs and DESRs on Circuits Subject to Load Shedding PUCT
NPRR1172 Fuel Adder Definition, Mitigated Offer Caps, and RUC Clawback PRS
NPRR1173 Changes Consistent With the Options Available to an MOU and EC Entering Retail Competition in the ERCOT Market PUCT
NPRR1174 Market Participant’s Return of Settlement Funds to ERCOT Following Receipt of Overpayment PUCT
NPRR1175 Revisions to Market Entry Financial Qualifications and Continued Participation Requirements PUCT
NPRR1176 Update to EEA Trigger Levels PUCT
NPRR1179 Fuel Purchase Requirements for Resources Submitting RUC Fuel Costs PRS
NPRR1180 Inclusion of Forecasted Load in Planning Analyses PRS
NPRR1181 Submission of Seasonal Coal and Lignite Inventory Declaration PRS
NPRR1182 Inclusion of Controllable Load Resources and Energy Storage Resources in the Constraint Competitiveness Test Process PUCT
NPRR1183 ECEII Definition Clarification and Updates to Posting Rules for Certain Documents without ECEII PUCT
NPRR1184 Update to Procedures for Managing Interest on Cash Collateral TAC
NPRR1185 HDL Override Payment Provisions for Verbal Dispatch Instructions PUCT
NPRR1186 Improvements Prior to the RTC+B Project for Better ESR State of Charge Awareness, Accounting, and Monitoring TAC
NPRR1188 Implement Nodal Dispatch and Energy Settlement for Controllable Load Resources PRS
NPRR1189 Updates to Language to Clarify the Allowable Regulation Ancillary Service Trades PUCT
NPRR1190 High Dispatch Limit Override Provision for Increased NOIE Load Costs PRS
NPRR1191 Registration, Interconnection, and Operation of Customers with Large Loads; Information Required of Customers with Loads 25 MW or Greater PRS
NPRR1192 Move OBD to Section 22 – Requirements for Aggregate Load Resource Participation in the ERCOT Markets PRS
NPRR1193 Related to SMOGRR027, Move OBD to Settlement Metering Operating Guide – EPS Metering Design Proposal PRS
NPRR1194 Wholesale Storage Load Auxiliary Netting PRS
NPRR1195 Resource Entity Metering Facilities Maintenance PRS
NPRR1196 Correction of NCLR Ancillary Service Failed Quantity Calculations under NPRR1149 PRS
NPRR1197 Energy Storage Resource (ESR) Non-Charging Load(s) Optional Exclusion from EPS Netting Arrangement PRS
NPRR1198 Congestion Mitigation Using Topology Reconfigurations PRS
NPRR1199 Implementation of Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act (LSIPA) Requirements PRS
NPRR1200 Utilization of Calculated Values for Non-WSL for ESRs PRS
NPRR1201 Limitations on Resettlement Timeline and Default Uplift Exposure Adjustments PRS
NPRR1202 Refundable Deposits for Large Load Interconnection Studies PRS

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