Nodal Protocol Revision Requests

This section contains nodal protocol revision requests (NPRRs) now in the approval process or already approved.

See NPRR Submission Process for access to revision request and comment forms.


Issue Title Next Group
NPRR956 Designation of Providers of Transmission Additions PRS
NPRR1067 Market Entry Qualifications, Continued Participation Requirements, and Credit Risk Assessment PRS
NPRR1070 Planning Criteria for GTC Exit Solutions PRS
NPRR1128 Allow FFR Procurement up to FFR Limit Without Proration BOARD
NPRR1132 Communicate Operating Limitations during Cold and Hot Weather Conditions TAC
NPRR1138 Communication of Capability and Status of Online IRRs at 0 MW Output TAC
NPRR1143 Provide ERCOT Flexibility to Determine When ESRs May Charge During an EEA Level 3 PRS
NPRR1144 Station Service Backup Power Metering PRS
NPRR1145 Use of State Estimator-Calculated ERCOT-Wide TLFs in Lieu of Seasonal Base Case ERCOT-Wide TLFs for Settlement PRS
NPRR1146 Credit Changes to Appropriately Reflect TAO Exposure PRS
NPRR1147 Update and Improve Notification and Evaluation Processes Associated with Reliability Must-Run (RMR) PRS
NPRR1148 Language Cleanup Related to ERCOT Contingency Reserve Service (ECRS) BOARD
NPRR1149 Implementation of Systematic Ancillary Service Failed Quantity Charges PRS
NPRR1150 Related to NOGRR230, WAN Participant Security PRS
NPRR1151 Protocol Revision Subcommittee Meeting Requirement PRS
NPRR1152 Remove Requirements to Submit Emergency Operations Plans, Weatherization Plans, and Declarations of Summer/Winter Weather Preparedness TAC
NPRR1153 ERCOT Fee Schedule Changes PRS
NPRR1154 Include Alternate Resource in the Availability Plan for the Firm Fuel Supply Service TAC
NPRR1155 Attestation Regarding Market Participant Citizenship, Ownership, or Headquarters PRS
NPRR1156 Priority Revision Request Process PRS

Recently approved within the last 30 days

Issue Title Approved On
NPRR1140 Recovering Fuel Costs for Generation Above LSL During RUC-Committed Hours 11/03/2022
NPRR1139 Adjustments to Capacity Shortfall Ratio Share for IRRs 11/03/2022
NPRR1127 Clarification of ERCOT Hotline Uses 11/03/2022
NPRR1118 Clarifications to the OSA Process 11/03/2022
NPRR1084 Improvements to Reporting of Resource Outages, Derates, and Startup Loading Failures 11/03/2022
NPRR1058 Resource Offer Modernization 11/03/2022