Title SCE Performance Enforcement Criteria
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Status Approved on 06/20/2006


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
06/20/2006 BOARD Approved Filing at the PUCT
06/01/2006 TAC Recommended for Approval Board consideration and review of IA/CBA by PRS
05/18/2006 PRS Recommended for Approval TAC consideration

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
06/20/2006 BOARD Approve as recommended by TAC Passed
06/01/2006 TAC On 6/1/06, TAC voted on a motion to recommend approval of PRR662 as amended by TAC, including the revisions and implementation assumptions numbered 1-15 presented in ERCOT's comments. TAC also directed WMS to provide a methodology to establish the appropriate level for the scaling factor used in the SCE Performance Charge calculation defined by PRR661. WMS is to provide this methodology by the August TAC meeting. Passed
05/18/2006 PRS Recommendation for approval as revised by PRS and WMS comments. Passed


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Apr 7, 2006
Sponsor: PSEG Texgen I
Urgent: Yes
Sections:, (new)
Description: This revision creates the criteria for SCE Performance Enforcement.
Reason: This performance enforcement criterion implements a financial incentive for a Resource QSE to minimize SCE. This mechanism ratchets out a Resource QSE™s ability to sell Regulation Services and ratchets in a Regulation Service obligation if the Resource QSE is unable to consistently perform their obligation schedules. This mechanism eliminates the shock to the market created when a large Resource QSE is instantaneously eliminated from the Ancillary Services market due to failing the SCE performance matrix that is in the present Protocols. This mechanism allows the market to slowly adjust as non-performers are ratcheted out of the market and good-performers increase their sales to the market. This mechanism transfers some of the present load Regulation Service obligation to generators that fail to perform at a pre-determined level.

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