Title: Settlement of Power Imported via DC Ties and Block Load Transfer Under a Declared Emergency Condition
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Status: Approved on 04/15/2008
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or per the Nodal Protocol Transition Plan http://www.ercot.com/mktrules/protocols (05/01/08 Nodal Protocols Library)


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next Steps
04/04/2008 TAC Recommended for Approval ERCOT Board consideration of NPRR103.
03/20/2008 PRS Recommended for Approval TAC review of NPRR103.
02/21/2008 PRS Recommended for Approval PRS review of the Impact Analysis and Recommendation Report.
04/15/2008 BOARD Approved

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
04/04/2008 TAC Recommend approval of NPRR103 as recommended by PRS. Passed
03/20/2008 PRS To recommend approval of NPRR103 as revised by ERCOT Staff comments dated 3/19/08 and forward the IA and this Recommendation Report to TAC. Passed
02/21/2008 PRS To recommend approval of NPRR103 as revised by ERCOT comments and PRS. Passed
04/15/2008 BOARD Approved as recommended by TAC. Passed

Vote tallies here reflect individual votes, not the weight of the votes by market segment. Affirmative votes are not recorded in these vote tallies. For additional details on the voting record, please consult the Recommendation or Action Report, or the official vote tally if available, as posted in the key documents.


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Feb 13, 2008
Sponsor: TPTF
Urgent: No
Sections:, Real-Time Energy for DC Tie Import, Real-Time Payment for a Block Load Transfer Point
Description: These revisions add Settlement formulas to pay a Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) for emergency energy imported over the DC Ties and for energy supplied to BLT Load moved from the ERCOT control area to a Non-ERCOT control area during a declared Emergency Condition. These payments may only be made for actions taken by the (QSE) in response to an ERCOT Dispatch Instruction.
Reason: The additions to the Settlement formulas included in this Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) are intended to make the QSE responsible for responding to the ERCOT Dispatch Instructions issued during a declared Emergency Condition an assured cost recovery. Charges to cover the payments described in this NPRR are included in Section 6.6.10, Real-Time Revenue Neutrality Allocation.

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