Title Fast Response Distributed Energy Resource (DER)
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Status Withdrawn


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11/19/2009 PRS Referred ROS Consideration

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11/19/2009 PRS To refer PRR838 to ROS with instruction to have PDCWG assist in constructing the DER operational prototype test, to provide transparency to Market Participants on the type of the test and to report the results to ROS. Passed


Status: Withdrawn
Date Posted: Oct 22, 2009
Sponsor: Enchanted Rock
Urgent: No
Sections: 2.1, 2.2, 6.5.4
Description: This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) allows for participation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in Responsive Reserve Service (RRS) on an equivalent basis with synchronous condenser fast-response hydro.
Reason: This PRR allows DERs to participate in RRS markets subject to the restrictions provided in the Protocols and Operating Guides, equivalent to hydro unit(s) operating in the synchronous condenser fast response mode, as recommended by ERCOT in the 8/20/09 ERCOT Comments (paragraph (1)(b)) to PRR825, Distributed Energy Resource Participation in Responsive Reserve Service Markets. More specifically, DER would have a 59.9 Hz trigger level, positive generation in four (4) seconds and full output in ten (10) seconds. This PRR only defines DER by designating it as an RRS category per Section 6.5.4; it does not define the operational characteristics of DER participating in RRS. The associated Operating Guide Revision Request (OGRR) 236, Fast Response Distributed Energy Resource (DER), defines the operating characteristics as outlined above.

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