PWG Meeting

May 25, 2005
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
ERCOT Austin
8000 Metropolis (Building E), Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744
Rm. 168


ERCOT Profiling Working Group (PWG) Meeting Notice

ERCOT Austin Office, 7620 Metro Center Drive, Austin, Texas

May 25, 2005, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in room 168

Teleconference number is 512-225-7280 Password: 4323

Please RSVP Brittney Albracht if you want a lunch for $8.00 via link above.


PWG Meeting Agenda (draft): (revised 05/19/05)

1)      Antitrust Admonition (Chair).

2)      Approval of April 27 meeting minutes (Chair).

3)      Brief report on prior RMS meeting and today’s agenda review (Chair).

4)      Priorities of 2006 ERCOT Projects.

5)      Discussion on value of lagged dynamic profiles (ERCOT Staff).

6)      Discussion of "Profile ID Issues -- New ESI IDs -- 20040927 draft.doc" (Adrian).

7)      Review and prioritization of long term Annual Validation Improvements (Ernie).

8)      Profile ID assignment responsibility changes process flow. (ERCOT Staff/CNP).

9)      Market Rules recommendations for the Load Profiling Guide (ERCOT Staff).

10)   Follow up of Annual Validation 2005 testing (ERCOT Staff/TDSPs).

11)   Follow up of "Impact of Profile Code Changes on Settlement Runs" (Ernie)

12)   Follow up of IDR Weather Sensitive Analysis requirements (ERCOT staff).

13)   Follow up of possibility of a Metered Lighting Profile. (ERCOT Staff/AEP)

14)   Discuss of PRR536, 700 Kw lower IDR Mandatory Threshold, implementation.

15)   Brief Update reports;

a)      Load Research Project (ERCOT working on internal system control reports).

b)      ERCOT Residential Survey Form ERCOT (TAC 5/5 approved).

c)      PRR565 Calculation of Losses for Settlement (BOD 5/17)

d)      PRR572 Weather sensitivity classification (TAC 5/5)

e)      Profile Change Request for Oil and Gas Properties (sample installed).

f)        Approved and Pending Retail Market Guide Procedures by RMS;

i)        PRR536 lower IDR Mandatory Installation Threshold.

g)      Approved and pending 2005 software implementation in ERCOT systems;

i)        PRR488 Weather Responsiveness Determination,

ii)       PRR514 Twelve Month Window for Non-IDR Scaling,

iii)     PRR544 12-Month Window for Scaling NIDR to IDR.

16)  PWG Open Issues Master List Discussion.

17)  Any new issues from ERCOT or Market Participants.

18)   Review assignments of action items before adjourning.

19)   Confirm future meeting schedule.

Next PWG meetings are on the 4th Wednesday Feb-Oct 2005 (6/25).

Next RMS meetings are 6/15 and 7/13.

Next COPS meeting is 5/24.

Next UFE Task Force meeting is TBD.

See these links for other meeting times.

a.   Meeting Calendar

b.   http://www.puc.state.tx.us/calendar.cfm

c.   http://www.puc.state.tx.us/openmeet/index.cfm

PWG 2005 Goals


1)      Evaluate Profile ID assignment responsibilities -- June

2)      Annual Validation 2005 -- make changes and complete -- December

3)      AV 2005 -- review of 2005 changes per long term -- Business (June), cut point (Dec.)

4)      Evaluate Lagged Dynamics -- Dec.

5)      Bring LPGuides current -- Dec.

6)      Processing new requests -- Oil & Gas, Convenience Store -- Dec.

7)      Collaboration with UFE TF -- Dec.

8)      Writing PRR’s as required -- Dec.

9)      LRS sample selection round two -- Dec.

10)   IDR Analysis -- 2 issues left -- Dec.

11)   Agreement between decision tree language and LPGuides -- Dec.

Parked items for future meeting:

1)      Load Profiling Guides Revisions.

2)      Should PWG report to RMS or COPS?

3)      Discussion on value of lagged dynamic profiles.

a)      Presentation by ERCOT Staff.

b)      Review conclusions in New Frontiers for Load Research paper found at http://www.aeic.org/load_research/papers.html

c)      Review RRI analysis of CNP 98-99 Sample data to ERCOT Profiles.

d)      Initial Requirements to justify methodology change;

i)        ERCOT analysis requirements for Load Research Study to compare current Static Models to installed sample data with affects on UFE.

ii)       Define data requirements market participants would expect from ERCOT.

iii)     Identify impact to all QSE’s in scheduling, forecasting and settlement systems.

iv)     Expected Cost for Systems at ERCOT (initial brief review).

v)      ERCOT Cost/Benefit Analysis (initial brief review).






Profiling Working Group 2004 Open Issues Master List







Expand on the estimation process for gaps in over and under reads, review 867’s issues (are meter type and profile type consistent).


Closed not PWG issue.

Issue when no CR of Record and meter stays energized.



Review past meeting minutes for old business issues that are overlooked.



From 07/09/2002 RMS minutes "The RMS discussed the difficulty in distinguishing initial validation transactions from normal business transactions.  Tracking the status is therefore difficult.  The LPWG was asked to develop a proposed resolution and send to Texas SET for review. " Texas SET shall implement in v2.1, probably in spring 2005. Texas Set Change Control 2003-578 Code to indicate the annual Load Profile changes. To be completed in Dec. 2005 per the Chair of TX_Set.



At the RMS meeting July 8, 2002, Bender asked that the resolution of the interpretation of assignment of profile ID on customer level versus premise level should be included in the RMS Operating Guides. Review the RMS Guides to see this issue is included.



Betty Day will draft a section to add to the LPG addressing how profiles will be maintained and the types of changes that may be made by the PWG (action item from July 24, 2002 PWG meeting).


Closed not PWG issue

Photovoltaic generation, meter runs backwards so unaccountable generation is added to the grid.



Protocols 18.6.5, Future Requirement for IDRs Impact Analysis



Protocols, Post Market Evaluation (nothing pending).



PWG minutes on the ERCOT Web prior to 2003. Send to Diana.


Closed not PWG issue

PR-30022 UFE Analysis Metering / Protocols 11.5.



TDSPs are to find out how they plan on tracking LRS expenses internally (reference PWG 2/26/04 minutes).



Lloyd and AEP will review Protocols Section 9.5. (May 25, 2004 minutes).



Possibility of a Metered Lighting Profile.



Possibility of a very high load factor profile.



Review if the count of ESIIDs settled on default profile is continuing to reduce in number post SCR 725 new reports.




Load Profiling Guides Revisions Description


John, Carl, ERCOT

Item 1: Annual Profile Model Evaluation.

a. Review gray boxes in LPG in sections; 8.7, 8.7.1

9 & 11

Ernie, Lloyd, Terry, ERCOT

Item 2: LPG Section 11.3 Validation of Changes in Load Profile ID Assignments (gray box).


Item 11: LPG Section 11.2 Review. Is additional NOIE language needed?

15 & 16

John, Shawnee, Terry,  Bruce, ERCOT

Item 3: Update LPG per PUCT ruling in Project No. 25516 in sections but not limited to; 15.2.2, 15.2.4, 16.5, 16.5.1, 16.5.2


Item 4: Update LPG section 15 per the ERCOT Load Research Project, change LPG section 16 on DLC does not repeat language in updated LPG section 15 and develop new LPG section 19 for lagged dynamic profiles in coordination with language in updated Section 15 and 16.



Item 5: New Time of Use Schedule Approval Process Document. Need to reference in Retail Market Guides or LPG?



Item 6: LPG Section 16.1.2 Establishing New TOU Schedules (gray box) after the new TOU Schedule Procedure Document is complete.



Item 7: Periodically Review all gray boxes in the LPG.



Item 8: LPG Section 17.2 IDR Requirement says, "The TDSP has until the second regularly scheduled meter read date after receipt of the CR’s request to install the IDR." This statement maybe in conflict with PUCT current market rules. Shawnee reported this language is not in conflict.



Item 9: Incorporate Load Research Project Procedures into LPG.


LPGRR 2005-01

Item 10: Change LPG to reference section 18.6.1 instead of 1000 kW.



Item 11: Incorporating Decision Tree into the LPG where applicable.










Scheduled pwg Meetings

Key Documents

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