Title Firm Load Shed Implementation Time Periods
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Status Approved on 03/06/2008
Effective Dates


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
03/06/2008 TAC Approved
02/14/2008 ROS Recommended for Approval TAC Consideration
02/01/2008 OWG Recommended for Approval ROS Review
09/13/2007 ROS Referred Ad hoc task force consideration
09/06/2007 TAC Remanded ROS review of the proposed firm Load shed timelines.
08/16/2007 ROS Recommended for Approval
07/18/2007 OWG Recommended for Approval
06/20/2007 OWG Recommended for Approval Impact Analysis Review
05/11/2007 ROS Rejected Normal Timeline - OWG Language Review

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
03/06/2008 TAC Approved OGRR198 as recommended by ROS Passed
02/14/2008 ROS Recommend approval of OGRR198 as recommended by OWG Passed
02/01/2008 OWG OWG was in consensus via email to forward OGRR198 as revised by 011508 OGRTF comments to ROS for approval. Passed
09/13/2007 ROS To refer this OGRR to an ad hoc task force to be led by Henry Wood. Passed
09/06/2007 TAC To remand this OGRR to the ROS to review the proposed firm Load shed timelines. Passed
08/16/2007 ROS Recommended approval of OGRR198 as recommended by the OWG Passed
07/18/2007 OWG OWG was in consensus to forward the OWG Recommendation Report and the IA to ROS for approval Passed
06/20/2007 OWG Recommend approval of OGRR198 as submitted. Passed
05/11/2007 ROS Motion to grant urgency Failed


Status: Approved
Date Posted: May 9, 2007
Sponsor: CenterPoint Energy
Urgent: No
Sections: 4.5.3
Description: This Operating Guide Revision Request (OGRR) adds language to the current ERCOT Operating Guides to provide maximum time periods allowed for firm load shed implementation by Transmission and/or Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs) at the request of ERCOT System Operators when in EECP Step 4.
Reason: Provides guidance to ERCOT Compliance in monitoring TDSPs response to firm load shed requests from ERCOT System Operators during EECP Step 4.

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