Title: Increase the Capacity Limitation of a Generation Resource Providing RRS
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Status: Approved on 02/21/2012
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Date Gov Body Action Taken Next Steps
02/21/2012 BOARD Approved
02/02/2012 TAC Recommended for Approval Board consideration
01/19/2012 PRS Recommended for Approval TAC consideration

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
02/21/2012 BOARD To approve NPRR434 as recommended by TAC in the 2/2/12 TAC Report. Passed
02/02/2012 TAC To recommend approval of NPRR434 as recommended by PRS in the 1/19/12 PRS Report and to recommend a priority of 2012 and rank of 95. Passed
01/19/2012 PRS To recommended approval of NPRR434 as amended by the 1/10/12 PDCWG comments. Passed

Vote tallies here reflect individual votes, not the weight of the votes by market segment. Affirmative votes are not recorded in these vote tallies. For additional details on the voting record, please consult the Recommendation or Action Report, or the official vote tally if available, as posted in the key documents.


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Dec 27, 2011
Sponsor: Robert Helton on behalf of the Reliability Deployment Task Force
Urgent: Yes
Sections: 3.16 and 3.18
Description: This Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) increases the amount of Responsive Reserve (RRS) that can be supplied by a Generation Resource to 24%.
Reason: This revision is required due to the changes in the ERCOT Methodologies for Determining Ancillary Services Requirements of moving 500 MW of Non-Spinning Reserve (Non-Spin) Service to RRS. That change could require additional Generation Resources to provide the service and to be On-Line in Real-Time. This could raise the Market Clearing Price for Capacity (MCPC) of RRS and suppress Real-Time Locational Marginal Prices (LMPs).

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