Title: Clarification of Ancillary Service Provider’s Responsibilities, Addition of Penalty Factor Charge for Failure to Provide, and Addition of Ancillary Service Capacity Compliance Performance Criteria
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Status: Rejected on 05/19/2011


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next Steps
05/19/2011 PRS Rejected
04/21/2011 PRS Deferred/Tabled PRS Langauge Consideration

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Date Gov Body Motion Result
05/19/2011 PRS To reject NPRR349 Passed
04/21/2011 PRS To table NPRR349 and to request that WMS review NPRR349 Passed

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Status: Rejected
Date Posted: Apr 6, 2011
Sponsor: ERCOT
Urgent: No
Sections:, 6.7.2, 8.1,
Description: This Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) addresses several issues related to Ancillary Services. First, this NPRR revises Protocol Section to add the following description regarding the timing associated with a Qualified Scheduling Entity’s (QSE’s) obligation to deliver the physical Ancillary Service capacity that it has self-arranged or sold to ERCOT from its designated Resources during the Operating Hour. The QSE’s obligation begins at the top of each Operating Hour and ends with the top of the next Operating Hour and is continuous throughout the Operating Hour. Secondly, this NPRR introduces a penalty factor to increase charges to each QSE that fails to provide Ancillary Service capacity as described in Protocol, Replacement of Ancillary Service Due to Failure to Provide. The penalty factor is defined as a multiplier that is applied to each of the charge calculations defined in Section 6.7.2. The penalty factor equals ten for Regulation Up (Reg-Up), Regulation Down (Reg-Down), and Responsive Reserve Services (RRS) and five for Non-Spinning Reserve (Non-Spin) Service. Finally, this NPRR: Adds an ERCOT monitoring requirement to the Section 8.1 grey box for Ancillary Service capacity performance metrics for failure to provide Ancillary Service capacity; and Adds performance criteria to Section that apply to events that occur when QSEs are unable to meet their Ancillary Service Obligations because of an inability to deliver an Ancillary Service due to a failure to provide (refer to Protocol Section Protocol Section allows the QSE the opportunity to replace this undeliverable Ancillary Service capacity, within a time frame acceptable to ERCOT or, otherwise, ERCOT is authorized to use the Supplemental Ancillary Services Market (SASM) or emergency operations processes to replace the Ancillary Service capacity. The additions to Section allow ERCOT the option to revoke a QSEs Ancillary Service qualification and/or a Resource’s Ancillary Service qualification to provide Ancillary Services when the undeliverable Ancillary Services capacity is not replaced by the QSE, and when such events have occurred more than three times in a month, aggregated for all such events that occur in the month.
Reason: Clarifies the QSE and its Resource’s responsibility to physically deliver to their Ancillary Services Supply Responsibilities during the Operating Hour. Additionally, to add performance criteria associated with this responsibility.

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