Title: EILS Availability Calculation Post-Depletion
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Status: Withdrawn


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04/21/2011 PRS Deferred/Tabled PRS Language Consideration

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04/21/2011 PRS To table NPRR345 and to request that WMS review NPRR345 Passed

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Status: Withdrawn
Date Posted: Apr 5, 2011
Sponsor: Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc
Urgent: No
Description: This NPRR adds language to remove a deficiency in the calculation formula for Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) availability factors.
Reason: The current Protocols do not contemplate the exclusion of hours following depletion of the 8-hour EILS performance obligation for purposes of calculating the availability performance metric, and the "EMERGENCY INTERRUPTIBLE LOAD SERVICE Technical Requirements & Scope of Work" document currently specifies a method of calculating availability that is inconsistent with the Protocols and can produce a highly inequitable result. This NPRR resolves this dilemma by providing that after successfully meeting either the two deployment or 8 hour interruption event performance requirements, a Load’s availability factor will be set at the higher of 100% or the availability factor calculated by ERCOT, allowing for the EILS Load to be measured on its event performance factor only.

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