Texas SET WG Meeting

November 30, 2016
10:00 AM
ERCOT Austin
8000 Metropolis (Building E), Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744
Room 168
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 620 214 779
Meeting password: Txset



Antitrust Admonition

To avoid raising concerns about antitrust liability, participants in ERCOT activities should refrain from proposing any action or measure that would exceed ERCOT’s authority under federal or state law. For additional information, stakeholders should consult the Statement of Position on Antitrust Issues for Members of ERCOT Committees, Subcommittees, and Working Groups, which is posted on the ERCOT website. The document is available at https://www.ercot.com/about/governance/index.html



All presentations and materials submitted by Market Participants or any other Entity to ERCOT staff for this meeting are received and posted with the acknowledgement that the information will be considered public in accordance with the ERCOT Websites Content Management Operating Procedures.

10:00 AM





Last Month Meeting Notes—updates if any



RMS update

  • RMS agreed to leave NPRR796, Extended Character Set Clean Up tabled.


Flight Update

  • IBANK01 & IBANK02 –Final language review and approval


RMS Assignments

  • NPRR796, Extended Character Set Clean Up—Revisit Last Month's discussion and make recommendation to RMS and consider possible Change Control / SCR for Issue I143 above.
  • New Entrant Documentation—Procedures and Documentation
    • Continue New Entrant Document Discussion
  • Master Customer List (MCL) Guide—Alternative location / Other than Texas SET Implementation Guide
  • RMG Safety NET Timelines—Review and Continue Discussions
    • Note: PUCT to Review Final Draft Prior to Texas SET Submitting Changes to RMS
    • Discuss any updates offered from CRs



  • 2016-I143, Validation processes when a character is included in the customer name on a switch or MVI transaction – Review ERCOT Options; provide feedback
    • Option 1: Continue With Existing Manual Workaround—Short Term
    • Option 2: Update ERCOT’s Systems to Reject Any Transaction Containing Special Language Characters—Long Term
    • Option 3: Update ERCOT’s Systems to Translate Special Language Characters into Normal Characters
    • Option 4: Implement Option 3 in the Short Term, Followed by Option 2 During the Next TX SET Release


ERCOT Market Continuity Workshop- Retail

  • Continue Analysis


Discussion Items

  • 2016 Accomplishments
  • Draft RMGRR, Elimination of TDSP Requirement to Maintain a Secure List, by REP DUNS, of All ESI IDs with Switch Holds


Parking Lot

  • Texas SET Release Discussion
  • REP Certification Matrix – Long Term


Next Meeting ERCOT MET Center

  • Requested January 24th RM168


4:00 PM

Scheduled txset Meetings

Key Documents

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