PRS Meeting

August 11, 2017
09:30 AM
ERCOT Austin
8000 Metropolis (Building E), Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744
Room 206
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 620 277 624
Meeting password: PRS



Antitrust Admonition

M. Henson


Approval of Minutes (Vote)

M. Henson


July 20, 2017



TAC and Board Reports

M. Henson


Project Update and Summary of Project Priority List (PPL) Activity to Date

T. Anderson


Review PRS Reports, Impact Analyses, and Prioritization (Vote) (*) denotes no impact

M. Henson


NPRR815, Revise the Limitation of Load Resources Providing Responsive Reserve (RRS) Service


NPRR817, Create a Panhandle Hub


NPRR829, Incorporate Real-Time Non-Modeled Telemetered Net Generation by Load Zone into the Estimate of RTL


NPRR836, Incorporation of Other Binding Document Forms into Protocol Section 23*


SCR791, Correction of 60-day SCED GRD Disclosure Report



Review of Pending Project Priorities (Possible Vote)

T. Anderson


Revision Requests Tabled at PRS (Possible Vote)

M. Henson


NPRR697, Disclosure of Protected Information for Research and Coordination Purposes


NPRR807, Day-Ahead Market Price Correction


NPRR814, Modify Black Start Procurement Cycle


NPRR819, Resettlement Clean-Ups


NPRR823, Amend the Definition of an Affiliate


NPRR825, Require ERCOT to Declare an Emergency Condition Prior to Curtailing any DC Tie Load


NPRR826, Mitigated Offer Caps for RMR Resources


NPRR828, Include Fast Frequency Response as a Subset of Responsive Reserve


NPRR832, Disallow PTP Obligation Bids and DAM Energy Bids that Sink at Private Use Network Settlement Points Without a Load Distribution Factor - URGENT


NPRR834, Clarifications for Repossessions of CRRs by ERCOT


NPRR835, Removing the Capacity Limits from Resources Providing Fast Responding Regulation Service (FRRS)


NPRR837, Regional Planning Group (RPG) Process Reform


NPRR838, Updated O&M Cost for RMR Resources



Review of Revision Request Language (Vote)

M. Henson


NPRR839, Clarification of ERCOT Forwarding of Consumption and Other Data


NPRR840, Implementation of Infeasible Ancillary Service Protocol Revisions


NPRR841, Real-Time Adjustments to Day-Ahead Make Whole Payments due to Ancillary Services Infeasibility Charges


NPRR842, Study Area Load Information


NPRR843, Short-Term System Adequacy and AS Offer Disclosure Reports Additions


NPRR844, Clarification to Outage Report


NPRR845, RMR Process and Agreement Revisions



Resource Definition Task Force (RTF)

M. Henson


Leadership (Vote)


David Ricketts – Co-Chair


Jay Teixeira – Co-Chair



Other Business

M. Henson



M. Henson

Scheduled PRS Meetings

Key Documents

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