PRS Meeting

May 22, 2008
09:30 AM - 04:00 PM
ERCOT Austin
8000 Metropolis (Building E), Suite 100
Austin, TX 78744
Room 206B
Dial-In: 512-225-7274
Dial-In Code: 5723



Antitrust Admonition

S. Madden


Approval of Minutes (Vote)

April 18, 2008

S. Madden


Urgency Votes (Possible Vote)

PRR763, Use of WGRPP as Planned Operating Level in Day-Ahead Resource Plan for WGRs URGENT

S. Madden


TAC and Board Reports (Possible Vote)

NPRR112, Emergency Base Point Price Revision

S. Madden


Project Update and Summary of Project Priority List (PPL) Activity to Date (Possible Vote)

T. Anderson


Review of Recommendation Report, Impact Analysis and Cost/Benefit Analysis (Vote)

PRR757, Emergency Interruptible Load Service Formula Correction

PRR759, Changes to Notification to Customer of Service Establishment

PRR760, Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) Availability Factor

NPRR091, Scarcity Pricing and Mitigated Offer Cap During the Period Commencing on the Nodal Market Implementation Date and Continuing for a Total of 45 Days.  On 3/20/08, PRS voted to table NPRR091 and directed ERCOT staff to submit an Impact Analysis for review at its May meeting.

NPRR097, Changes to Section 8 to Incorporate Role of TRE, the IMM, and the Concept of Market Compliance

NPRR102, Implementation of PUC Subst. R. 25.505(f), Publication of Resource and Load Information.  On 3/20/08, PRS voted to table NPRR102 and directed ERCOT staff to submit an Impact Analysis for review at its May meeting.

NPRR105, Section 23, Synchronization of Zonal Protocols

NPRR106, Section 24, Synchronization of Zonal Protocols

NPRR109, Section 18, Synchronization of Zonal Protocols

NPRR110, Section 20, Synchronization of Zonal Protocols

NPRR113, Load Resource Type Indicator for Ancillary Service (AS) Trades and Self-Arranged AS



Review of Protocol Revision Requests (PRRs) Language (Vote)

PRR754, Resource Settlement Due to Forced Transmission Outage.  On 3/20/08, PRS voted to refer PRR754 to WMS.

PRR761, Inadvertent Energy Account Revision

PRR762, West Zone SCE Performance Conditions



Review of Nodal Protocol Revision Requests (NPRRs) Language (Vote)

NPRR107, Nodal Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS).  On 3/20/08, PRS voted to refer NPRR107 to TPTF.

NPRR111, Timelines for Response by ERCOT to TSP Requests.  On 3/20/08, PRS voted to refer NPRR111 to TPTF.

NPRR117, Resource Registration Clarification.  On 4/18/08, PRS voted to refer NPRR117 to TPTF.

NPRR118, Section 14, Synchronization of Zonal Protocols.  On 4/18/08, PRS voted to refer NPRR118 to TPTF.  

NPRR119, Resource Limit Calculator.  On 4/18/08, PRS voted to refer NPRR119 to TPTF.

NPRR120, Corrections and Clarifications for Real Time Settlements.  On 4/18/08, PRS voted to refer NPRR120 to TPTF.

NPRR122, Simplify Ancillary Services Settlement Formulas.  On 4/18/08, PRS voted to refer NPRR122 to TPTF.

NPRR123, Inadvertent Energy Account Revision.  On 4/18/08, PRS voted to refer NPRR123 to TPTF.

NPRR130, CRR Settlements Revenue Equalization.

The following NPRRs have not yet been reviewed by TPTF and are subject to referral to TPTF by PRS:

NPRR126, Section 19, Synchronization of Zonal Protocols

NPRR127, Section 22 Attachments A, I, J & M, Synchronization of Zonal Protocols

NPRR128, Combined Cycle Power Blocks with Multiple Voltage Instructions

NPRR129, Section 15, Synchronization of Zonal Protocols

NPRR131, Ancillary Service Trades with ERCOT



Notice of Withdrawal

NPRR115, Grey-Boxing of Settlement and Billing Related Information Calculation

NPRR121, System Parameters Posting Frequency



Update on review of Nodal documents without defined owners or update processes for determination of whether they should be incorporated into guides or protocols, or remain as standalone documents.

S. Madden


Other Business







Scheduled prs Meetings

Key Documents

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May 2008 PMO Update
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