Competitive Metering Guide Revision Requests


CMGRR001 Eliminate Boxed Language
CMGRR002 Line Loss Compensation Testing Enabled
CMGRR003 Customer Programming Specifications
CMGRR004 Document Clean-up/Questions
CMGRR005 Process for Competitive Metering Guide Revisions
CMGRR006 Conforming the Competitive Metering Guide to Protocol Section 21 and Other ERCOT Market Guides
CMGRR007 Changing "Competitive Metering Working Group" to "Retail Metering Working Group"
CMGRR008 Administrative Changes for May 1, 2008 Competitive Metering Guides
CMGRR009 Clarification of the Standards for Competitive Meters
CMGRR010 Synchronization of Competitive Metering Guide with PRR804, Revisions to Section 21 Appeal Process
CMGRR011 Revisions for Texas Nodal Market Implementation and Synchronization with PRR821