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Status: Approved
Date Posted: Feb 20, 2004
Sponsor: Oncor
Urgent: No
Sections: Sections 2.1, 4.1, 6.1, 6.3, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 9.4, 16.2 & 18.1
Description: Modified sections 2.1 & 6.1 to update the Customer Roles and Responsibilities and the Customer Programming Specifications of the Guides. Modified section 4.1 to correct the document name to match the approved TDSP tariffs. Modified section 6.3 to eliminate the reference of "non-IDR only" because some TDSP tariffs and Price to Beat rates include IDR metering. Modified section 7.1 to indicate calendar days as the timeline for the customer to provide a competitive replacement meter. The initial document had both calendar and business days for the same timeline. Modified section 7.2 to be consistent with 7.1 for the Agreement to be posted to the ERCOT Competitive Metering web page. Modified section 7.3 to delete the reference to using the TMA form for TDSP owned meters based on PUCT approval of the TDSP tariffs. Also added the TDSP responsibility for submitting the appropriate TXSET transactions when a competitively owned meter is installed and included the Customer™s agent as a party that can execute an Agreement with the TDSP to be consistent with other language in the guides. Modified section 9.4 to remove references to specific TXSET transactions. Modified section 16.2 to remove references to specific TXSET transactions. Modified section 18.1 to correct a name of one of the forms.
Reason: Address questions submitted during the "RMS review stage of the CMGs in October “ November 2003", where no additional or alternative wording was submitted with the questions to provide clarification in the Guides. Based on the timeline for completing the Guides, the COMET WG decided to move the questions to a separate document for consideration at a later date. Address document clean-up issues.

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