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Status: Approved
Date Posted: Jan 26, 2004
Sponsor: Oncor
Urgent: No
Sections: Sections 2.1 and 6.1
Description: Update the Customer Roles and Responsibilities and the Customer Programming Specifications of the Guides.
Reason: Address questions submitted during the "RMS review stage of the CMGs in October -- November 2003", where no additional or alternative wording was submitted with the questions to provide clarification in the Guides. Based on the timeline for completing the Guides, the COMET WG decided to move the questions to a separate document for consideration at a later date. Clarified that the Customer or Customer’s agent has the responsibility to ensure that a competitive meter supports the functionality for the Customer requested data elements. Clarification on the installation process for a competitive meter, when the meter manufacturer’s software does not have the functionality to print out a meter program and the customer requests to verify a meter program. Changed the installation process surrounding the Customer or Customer’s agent verification of the meter program. The current process required the Customer or Customer’s agent to provide confirmation to the TDSP before the TDSP would proceed with the meter installation The modified process requires the TDSP to continue with the meter installation process unless notified by the Customer or Customer’s agent not to proceed.

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