Title RPRS Solution with Nodal RUC-Type Procurement and Cost Allocation
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Status Approved on 07/27/2006


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
09/19/2006 BOARD Approved Report to the Board whether ERCOT will be able to implement this PRR by February 1, 2007.
09/07/2006 TAC Recommended for Approval
08/31/2006 PRS Recommended for Approval TAC Consideration
07/27/2006 Approved

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
09/19/2006 BOARD Approve PRR676 as revised by the Board and directed ERCOT Staff to report back to the Board in January 2007 regarding whether ERCOT is able to implement PRR676 by 2/1/06.. Passed
09/07/2006 TAC Recommend approval of PRR676 as revised by ERCOT comments dated 9/6/06 and directing ERCOT to implement this PRR as part of the project to implement PRR666, Modification of RPRS Under-Scheduled Capacity Charge Calculation, and PRR687, Replacement Reserve Under-Scheduled Capacity Delineation (Option 2 on the IA). Passed
08/31/2006 PRS Recommend approval as revised by PRS, but without an interim solution until full implementation. Passed
07/27/2006 Motion to approve urgent status. Passed


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Jul 25, 2006
Sponsor: CPS Energy
Urgent: Yes
Sections: 4.1.1 Day Ahead Scheduling Process; 4.1.2 Adjustment Period Scheduling Process; 4.4.16 ERCOT Receipt of Replacement Reserve Service Bids; 4.4.17 ERCOT Procurement of Replacement Reserve Service As Needed; 4.5.6 ERCOT Notice of Need to Procure Replacement Reserve Service Resources; 4.5.7 Available Bids for RPRS; 6.4.2 Determination of ERCOT Control Area Requirements; 6.5.6 Replacement Reserve Service; Specific Procurement Process Requirements for Replacement Reserve Service in the Adjustment Period; Payments for Ancillary Service Capacity; Zonal or System Wide Replacement Reserve Service Capacity Payment to QSE.; Local Congestion Replacement Reserve Payment to QSE When Market Solution Exists; Capacity and Minimum Energy Payments; Settlement for RPRS Procured for System-wide Capacity Insufficiency; Replacement Reserve Under Scheduled Capacity; Replacement Reserve Uplift Charge; 6.9.7 Settlement Obligations for Premiums for Individual resource Dispatch Payments; OOM Capacity Charge; 7.1 Overview of ERCOT Congestion Management ; Replacement Reserve Service Zonal Congestion Charge; 7.4.2 Resolution of Local Congestion
Description: This PRR modifies the current day ahead capacity procurement and cost allocation methods to be consistent with the procurement and cost allocation methods for the Reliability Unit Commitment that is contained in the Nodal Protocols as approved by the PUCT. The PRR also removes the provisions related to the direct assignment of zonal capacity procurements.
Reason: Per the direction of the ERCOT Board of Directors to provide solutions to the current RPRS issues.

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