Title RUC Trigger for the Reliability Deployment Price Adder and Alignment with RUC Settlement
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Status Approved on 04/19/2016
Effective Dates


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next steps
04/19/2016 BOARD Approved
03/31/2016 TAC Recommended for Approval Board for consideration
03/10/2016 PRS Recommended for Approval TAC for consideration
02/11/2016 PRS Recommended for Approval PRS for Impact Analysis review
12/10/2015 PRS Deferred/Tabled PRS for consideration

Voting Record

Date Gov Body Motion Result
04/19/2016 BOARD To approve NPRR744 as recommended by TAC in the 3/31/16 TAC Report Passed
03/31/2016 TAC To recommend approval of NPRR744 as recommended by PRS in the 3/10/16 PRS Report Passed
03/10/2016 PRS To endorse and forward to TAC the 2/11/16 PRS Report as amended by the 3/8/16 ERCOT comments and the Impact Analysis for NPRR744 with a recommended priority of 2016 and rank of 1610 Passed
02/11/2016 PRS To recommend approval of NPRR744 as submitted Passed
12/10/2015 PRS To table NPRR744 and refer the issue to WMS and COPS Passed


Status: Approved
Date Posted: Nov 18, 2015
Sponsor: ERCOT
Urgent: No
Sections: 2.1, 5.5.2,,, and 6.7.4
Description: This Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) proposes to use a telemetered snapshot at the start of each Reliability Unit Commitment (RUC) block as a trigger for the adder created by NPRR626, Reliability Deployment Price Adder. In support of this change to the Reliability Deployment Price Adder, this NPRR also changes the process for opting out of RUC Settlement, regardless of the timing of the notification of the RUC, which provides an alternative to the RUC Settlement opt out method approved in NPRR416, Creation of the RUC Resource Buyback Provision, as modified by NPRR679, ONOPTOUT for RUC Given After the Adjustment Period. Clarifications to the definition of RUC Buy-Back Hour are also included.
Reason: Addresses current operational issues, Market efficiencies or enhancements

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