Title: Revisions to Monitoring and Qualification Tests in Section 8, Performance Monitoring and Compliance
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Status: Withdrawn on 09/20/2007


Date Gov Body Action Taken Next Steps
09/20/2007 PRS Withdrawn
07/19/2007 PRS Referred Language consideration

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Date Gov Body Motion Result
09/20/2007 PRS On 9/20/07, PRS voted unanimously to affirm the request for withdrawal of NPRR074. All Market Segments were present. Passed
07/19/2007 PRS To refer NPRR074 to TPTF. Passed

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Status: Withdrawn
Date Posted: Jun 19, 2007
Sponsor: ERCOT Staff
Urgent: No
Description: This NPRR makes the testing and compliance requirements consistent with NPRR049, Generation Subsystem Changes to Incorporate Approved Whitepapers, and the white papers "Generation Resource Responsive Reserve Deployment and Recall" and "Non-Spin Deployment Notification and Availability" approved by TPTF located at http://nodal.ercot.com/docs/pd/mms/index.html#oth.
Reason: In the current zonal market design, both Responsive Reserve and Non-Spin are deployed as energy by the Load Frequency Control (LFC) system. As a result of Market Participant input, ERCOT Staff proposed to have LFC deploy only capacity in the nodal design and allow only SCED to deploy all RRS and Non-spin energy. This methodology is not consistent with the current monitoring and qualification methods described in Section 8.

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