Find information about settlement transactions for the ERCOT control area. Locate the Settlements Calendar Extract in the Current Information section below.

Current Information

RUC Payments Made to Resources with Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) Annual Report
Percentage of RUC make-whole payments for Resources with PPAs during the 12 months of the previous calendar year. Based on Final Settlements, includes total number of Resources that used a PPA for their most recent VC submission approved by ERCOT.
Settlements Calendar Extract
The Settlements Calendar Extract contains the settlement calendar for the market operating days.
Settlements Charge Matrix
The Settlements Charge Matrix provides the settlement charge types, names, and formulas.
Verifiable Costs Proxy Heat Rate Curves
Proxy Heat Rate curves in support of Verifiable Costs.

Key Documents

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Dec 29, 2022 - xlsx - 294.1 KB
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